Why Join Our Monthly Filter Club?

Keep Cool Custom Filters are specifically designed and manufactured to fit your air system. Finding the right size can be difficult or impossible. Changing the filters of your HVAC system can simply slip through the cracks or be put off for another day which means your heating/cooling system is not running at optimum efficiency, costing you money. Meanwhile those breathing that air are exposed to an assortment of pollutants which aggravates allergies, asthma and sinuses and can even lead to staph infection if air filters are neglected long enough.

Keep Cool Custom Filters and our monthly filter club exists to ensure that the air you and your family or employees are breathing is clean and healthy. Let us help you get air filters that are made to properly fit your furnace, A/C and air return system so you can breathe easier knowing you have cleaner indoor air and less strain on your heating and cooling system. Join our monthly filter club and take the hassle out of changing your air filters. You also save money each month on the cost of the filters as well as your heating and cooling costs.

Do I need to change my filters?

Without clean filters dust, pollen, mold spores and bacteria circulate through your home which triggers allergies, asthma and sinus problems. Air filters are designed to protect the heating and cooling system but only when they are changed monthly as recommended by HVAC manufacturers.

When will my filters arrive?

We will deliver your filter(s) each month based on your zip code and the schedule is as follows:

  • 32091, 32044, 32694, 32622, 32083, 32054, 32026
    delivered on the 1st Thursday of each month
  • 32043, 32068, 32656
    delivered on the 2nd Thursday of each month
  • Duval Area
    delivered on the 3rd Thursday of each month

You will receive a delivery notification via email prior to your filters arriving each month as a reminder for you to look for your filter(s) on delivery day.

Where are my air filters located?

Air filters are found inside the return vents inside your home. These returns could be on the ceiling, wall, or in the system itself.

Many homes have 2 to 3 returns inside the house or two 5” filters that go within the HVAC system itself. Often times the inside returns are more accessible, which makes filter changes easier in these locations.

What about different filter sizes?

Filters for returns come in an assortment of sizes, even in the same house.   Dimensions range from 10” x 10” to 30” x 36."   Some filter sizes cannot be found in stores or even online so to get a filter that fits and works correctly they need to be custom made.  This is an important distinction between Keep Cool Custom Filters and the others. If your filter size is unique to your home, you will need to measure to get the perfect fit. Instructions on how to measure.

What about filter material?

Choose from high quality pleated cotton or polyester air filters which are better at stopping pollutants than other materials such as fiberglass. While the cotton pleated filters can create an electrical charge which attracts and removes smaller air particles, the polyester filters provide maximum airflow. Either material is a great choice and simply a matter of personal preference.

We are Partnered with PayPal!

Keep Cool Custom Filters is proud to be partnered with PayPal to ensure that your online payment is secure and your personal information is safe. We realize that having to fill out forms for both Keep Cool Custom Filters as well as PayPal is less than convenient but these steps are necessary so that you can have 100% confidence that both you and your account are safe from cyber-criminals and those who would share your private information online. PayPal is the leader in online payments and 3rd party business transactions and is trusted by millions of successful companies around the world. You will only be required to enter your shipping information one time for Keep Cool Custom Filters and your billing information one time for PayPal. After that you can breathe easy knowing your filters will arrive at your doorstep each month and your secure payment tendered, all without so much as a click or phone call. If you wish to learn more about PayPal click HERE. We thank you for understanding in this regard and look forward to providing you with the finest quality custom filters.